How Lean Six Sigma principles can help with BRM (Business Relationship Management)

Business (or Client) Relationship Management is a key area for any department but it is particularly important for functions in any Organization. Functions provide services internally to the organization and many a times, client’s view of what they do and what they are supposed to do can easily get skewed! Providing transparent metrics to clients about their service offerings and subsequent improvements along with clear channels of receiving customer feedback goes a long way in helping to establish a solid Business/Client Relationship Management Framework. Watch on to learn more...

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Tip 1: Leaders are Readers- Leadership Coaching Video Series

This video is part of our Leadership Coaching Video Series. Today’s topic is Tip 1: Leaders are Readers. Keeping abreast of the latest information is key for a true Leader. These videos are meant to provide gentle reminders and motivation to aspiring leaders in their own field of expertise. We hope you like these videos. Do remember to like this video and subscribe to our channel for many other videos within our Leadership Coaching Series. Watch on to learn more…

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LEAN- IT can eliminate wastes, reduce costs and increase efficiency for IT Services & Operations

Lean methods increase productivity by reducing waste and streamlining processes. This structured approach is not only helpful in the long run, it is much easier to implement than most people think! Implementing Lean ways does not have to cost the organization an "an arm and a leg"! Small changes when strategically and cost-effectively implemented do go a long way in making lasting progress... Watch on to learn more as to how LEAN- IT can eliminate wastes, reduce costs and increase efficiency for IT Services & Operations...

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Program/Project Stakeholder Management Plan- Why is it important? What should it contain?

Having a detailed Program/Project Stakeholder Management plan shows preparedness of the program/project team to appropriately engage various levels of stakeholder interests. It helps to address leadership angst, particularly towards highly visible or complex programs/projects. Program/Project Stakeholder Management Plan- Why is it important? What should it contain? Watch on to learn more...

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5 Key Aspects of Effective Requirements Elicitation Process

Requirements elicitation is an important if not the key part of any project. If we don’t understand what is needed and what it is that we need to achieve then planning to get there becomes a moot point. But many organizations and project teams do not give this key functionality its due importance and ensure that due diligence is conducted to ensure comprehensive understanding of needs. Watch on to learn more...

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How to strategize your Project Delivery methodology?

Ultimately technology needs to enable people and this is done through a process, so when we strategically consider the People-Process-Technology triangle within our usual Project delivery methodology, we provide a technology solution that truly empowers and enables our clients. Watch on to learn more...

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Benefits of Business Process Modelling-Mapping

Be it a small shop or a multi-million dollar corporation, one needs to be quite clear on the various processes that need to be conducted to achieve results. These could be simple processes to carry out day to day work tasks or to reach special benchmarks and goals. There are many merits to conducting your current business process modelling-mapping. Watch on to learn more...

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Information Management is NOT the same as Data Management

Data and information management is important to every organization, however their differences are not well known. Understanding the difference between Information Management and Data Management will allow organizations to design and develop comprehensive strategies and methods to manage and maintain them individually while allowing the organization as a whole to comprehensively utilize the two towards developing a competitive edge in their industry. Watch on to learn more...

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Enterprise Data: a brief introduction

Enterprise Data is fast becoming an important topic that is impacting not just the large corporations, but companies of all sizes and complexity. Data is no more about simply passing audits and filing financial information, Enterprise Data is slowly determining how we conduct our business and gain a competitive edge in today's fast-changing business landscape. Here is a brief introduction to what is meant by Enterprise Data.

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